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The bulk of Haiti's people are poor city dwellers and peasants. They comprise the most impoverished country in this hemisphere-only six hundred miles from our shores. Fifty-five percent are illiterate and seventy percent are unemployed. Their life expectancy is 49 years. How did they get this way? When the Haitian slaves revolted against their slave-masters and declared their independence in 1804, Haiti was a forest of mahogany, and its fields produced more cotton than in all of America. Its growth of tobacco was the envy of the world. But independence did not bring to Haitians peace and prosperity. Foreign nations wouldn't leave Haiti alone. They ravaged the forests leaving nothing but bald land; they restored slave-like plantations, paying their employees pennies for their excruciating work. The foreign interests were aided and abetted by the "elite" of Haiti who live in fenced-mansions guarded by armed security forces. And then came the Duvalier family-father and son-who became dictators, engaging in torture and murder to achieve and maintain control over the masses. The Duvaliers were as corrupt as could be, so bad, in fact, that after the death of the father, the son was physically removed by an American transport plane and flown to a place of exile with the millions of dollars with which he had absconded. Once the Duvaliers were gone, a semblance of order came to Haiti. But when the Haitians choice for president was one of their own, he was taken from office by the military in a coup, equipped with training and equipment from foreign sources, and the poor city dwellers and peasants retreated. But in 1983, Pope John Paul II visited Haiti and referring to the terrible abuses committed by Haitian leaders, and the military, he set forth the challenge: "Things must change in this country." Today, there is hope or Haiti, but it will require foreign interests to put aside their agendas and consider only the plight of the ordinary Haitians-like those who were recently killed when the roofs of two schools collapsed, killing almost a hundred of occupants. Chris Cattani, a nurse of our parish, has gone to Haiti a number of time to assist nuns dedicated to providing health care to needy Haitians, particularly infants who are famished and near death. Chris will be returning to Haiti again in January and she hopes to have with her an abundance of medical supplies. This Season is an opportunity for us all to share with the impoverished of Haiti. Your financial contribution will bring some peace and comfort to those who live without hope, filled with despairs. Please make your gift to St. Ann of the Dunes-Haiti Mission.

Our thanks to Gene Schlickman, author.


With the help of generous parishioners and friends of St. Ann of the Dunes, we have been able to continue to assist Sr. Marcella Catozza with her project in Wharf Jerimie.
Since the earthquake in early 2010, a newly built clinic became the center for many programs that benefit the poor living in the surrounding area. The local leadership has named it Vilaj Italyen,
There is a daily clinic, malnutrition program, milk/formula program for infants whose mothers are unable to adequately feed them, and vaccination program. Prenatal care and an urgent care clinic have been established. There is a pre-school/daycare and regular school both of which are completely free to the families and that provide two meals a day to the children. Kay Pe' Gius, an orphanage built in 2013,is now home to 113 children. Sr. Marcella employs about 100 local people to maintain the project.
I return to Haiti periodically to visit the project and help where I can. Our parish is not just a means of support for Sr. Marcella, we have become her friends. As always we seek your financial support, and we guarantee that 100% of all donations are used to help the poor in Wharf Jerimie. None are used for travel or administrative expenses.

Thank you in advance for your continued generous support, Chris Cattani

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